The “ah-ha!” moment; connecting museum planning & dressage

In my professional career as a museum experience planner and designer I make memorable moments for audiences. I work to engage them in new understandings.  To shift perspectives.  To create an “ah ha!” moment.  We strive to create relevance between the content of an exhibition and the audience.  As Nina Simon tells us in Creating Relevance, we work to produce a “positive cognitive impact” between the exhibition and the guest.  It is a grind but, alas, someone has to do it.

Today I thought, “Wow. Why aren’t I doing this with dressage?” “Why am I not sharing the meaning I make in my riding with others on the long journey of dressage understanding?” After all, I spent about a million dollars in training, instruction and reading materials and so,…. why not make meaning out of all that time spent in dressage-study and share it? I may not have the Olympic credentials but I have nearly a Ph.d. in my dressage studies and making meaning accessible to readers! So, why not create relevance for other riders? Why not share some “ah-ha” moments–even at the Training and First level? And so, here it goes–presented in the format of blogs.


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