My Partner in Riding: Ari

IMG_0535Ari is my daughter.  She has been my reason for riding, my coach, my excuse for buying ponies, an often un-welcomed voice of reason when I want to buy more horses (I do really want to be encouraged to buy!) and above all, my brave partner who sets the bar higher for me to achieve in my riding.  I can’t imagine having a site dedicated to horses, welsh, and riding without including her.

Ariel and Glynhafan Prince Charming, sec. B welsh, 14.0 3/4 h

Ariels’ equestrian pursuits are varied. She is at times, fox hunting and other times doing dressage.  She drives a coach with 4 horses and, she starts welsh ponies 12h.  She sometimes rides with European dressage masters and other times, polo players.  She is basically all over the place–a truly versatile horse woman.




Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 9.51.17 PM.png